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Nationalised Irish banks wont end the horse trading with EU

Tomorrow will more than likely see the last remaining vestiges of an independent Irish banking sector stripped away. ┬áThe latest and this time proper stress tests carried out under the auspices of Blackrock Consulting will expose the fact that the … Continue reading

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Peaceful protest, sedate sit-ins and angry anarchy on the streets of London

The main — and by far the biggest — organisation involved in yesterday’s protest was the TUC. It organised the rally in Hyde Park which attracted more than a quarter of a million demonstrators — as individuals or groups. Its … Continue reading

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Read his lips folks: George says ‘no new taxes’ in UK budget on Wed

The Chancellor has confirmed that there would be no new spending cuts or tax rises in next week’s budget. Speaking on the BBC’s Andrew Marr show George Osborne also said he would be raising the threshold below which no income … Continue reading

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No need for planning permission to convert commercial properties to flats

Measures to make it easier for firms in England to convert commercial property into private dwellings are to be announced by the government in the Budget, the BBC has learned. Developers will not need planning permission in a move ministers … Continue reading

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HSBC to leave London? Not yet though UK bank levy means they’ve dusted down some suitcases

  As you can see from the official quote below, no decision has been taken yet and most of the advantages remain for staying in London – even though only 10% of HSBC’s turnover comes from the UK. A decision … Continue reading

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Mervyn King throws verbal grenade into Bank debate

It may be the first time many people have heard such stark and, some might say, incendiary comments from the Bank of England governor. But he’s been here before and as recently as last Wednesday. Mr King told MPs on … Continue reading

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