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Interesting compromise plan doing the rounds to alleviate Greek crisis

There’s a piece in the Figaro today which outlines a suggestion which is supposedly doing the rounds at the EU Council in Brussels on Friday which is gaining a bit of traction according to French media It contains elements of … Continue reading

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BIS: Biggest banks must hold even greater capital buffer on top of Basel III

Central banks from the worlds largest economies have agreed on a set of proposals which could force large and heavily interconnected banks to set aside even more capital. Proposals from the Group of Governors and Heads of Supervision hope the … Continue reading

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Rollover inducement for banks

The latest i’m hearing is that those banks who ‘voluntarily’ rollover debt in Greek banks, will be given priority status as creditors in return. This applies mostly to German and French banks but it acts as an incentive for them … Continue reading

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Greek Bailout #2 set to be as large as Bailout #1

It’s now increasingly clear that the much spoken about second Greek Bailout which will be discussed today and tomorrow by finance ministers in Luxembourg will be as large if not larger than last years €110bn emergency loans. Assuming it’s that … Continue reading

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