Star Wars VII review

Why does Finn played John Boyega (British/Nigerian) speak with an American accent and General Hux played by Domhnall Gleeson (Irish) speak with a pre world war one English accent?
Why does Finn – after 20 years of brain washing by the First Order (post Empire)- so instantly change his mind in the opening battle scene about what he’s finding for – and none of his hundreds of thousands of stormtrooper predecessors ever contemplated such a switch in sides before?

The baddies also werent scary enough.  Maybe because i’m 38 years older than when i watched my first Star Wars, but Kylo Ren (the updated masked (then unmasked) baddy with a deep voice) didn’t frighten me enough.  IN fact he didn’t worry me much at all.

There: my 3 moans about Star Wars. For the rest of it: I loved Star Wars VII – The Force Awakens

Reliance on non-stop blaster shoot-outs and hurtling aircraft fighting each other which no-one can really see or comprehend has thankfully been abandoned in favour of off-green-screen action ie the real world.  Loads of sumptuously shot desert scenes and giant film sets in Pinewood studios work much better than a blur of fight scenes in space.

The plot was easy to follow. I cared about the characters – unlike the prequels – and older, younger, male and female, pretty and ugly people were allowed on our screens. Vicious droids from Star Wars I are gone to be replaced by the the finest collection of aliens ever.  The famous Cantina scene from IV is emulated with different music but just as interesting.

I think SW purests (and I count myself as one) will like -if not love – this re-imagining of the franchise.  It has more humour, more colour and more authenticity than the prequels.

The nods to previous great lines are there but the dialogue is not too stodgy, too knowing, too nerdy.

Finally it was amazing to see the beautiful Skellig Islands in Co Kerry at the very end of the movie but how the hell did they get the Millennium Falcon onto the jagged rocks?


This IS the Star Wars we were looking for.


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