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Why the #Occupy movement should occupy the minds of politicians

There’s a key barometer of income disparity, which some might describe as a measure of fairness. It’s called the Gini Co-efficient and the higher the number the more unequal the distribution of wealth in that country. The so-called Anglo Saxon … Continue reading

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G8 Finance Ministers pledge $38bn in aid to souther and eastern Mediterranean countries such as Libya and Egypt

Finance ministers from the worlds richest countries have been meeting leaders from Arab Spring countries to discuss reconstruction and development. Representatives from Libya, Egypt and Tunisia also met officials from the IMF and European Bank for Reconstruction and Development in … Continue reading

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Hacking scandal set to diminish UK Plc

Every year Transparency International publish their Corruption Perception Index. It’s a guide to bribery and graft in every country in the world and based on information from respected organisations such as the World Bank, EU, OECD etc. For reference purposes, … Continue reading

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Clegg: “incredibly worried about Eurozone crisis”

Nick Clegg has said he’s ‘incredibly worried’ about this developing crisis in the Eurozone. Speaking on the BBC the Deputy prime minister said that the situation could have a direct impact on millions of UK jobs. His words come after … Continue reading

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BIS: Biggest banks must hold even greater capital buffer on top of Basel III

Central banks from the worlds largest economies have agreed on a set of proposals which could force large and heavily interconnected banks to set aside even more capital. Proposals from the Group of Governors and Heads of Supervision hope the … Continue reading

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How Ireland’s addiction to property brought it to its economic knees

Here’s my very personal thoughts on my homeland for the From Our Own Correspondent show which went out today on the BBC World Service Ireland has a problem with property. Possibly it’s due to its troubled history with its … Continue reading

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Nationalised Irish banks wont end the horse trading with EU

Tomorrow will more than likely see the last remaining vestiges of an independent Irish banking sector stripped away.  The latest and this time proper stress tests carried out under the auspices of Blackrock Consulting will expose the fact that the … Continue reading

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