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Iceland supreme court ruling may accelerate repayment to UK and NL governments

My instant reaction to today’s ruling from the Icelandic Supreme court would be that this ruling now unties the hands of the Icelandic government to repay UK and NL the £2.4bn owing from the collapse of Landsbanki in 2008. After … Continue reading

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Democracy doesn’t pay if you’re an Icelander

The Icelandic people were damned if they did and damned if they didn’t. It looks as if they still couldn’t stomach the idea of paying off the debts of privately owned banks – even if the revised deal was considerably … Continue reading

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Iceland’s people decide AGAIN

Voters in Iceland go to the polls today to decide whether to accept a deal between the government there and Britain to repay the £3.4bn which the Treasury had to refund UK savers in the Icelandic bank Icesave It’s the … Continue reading

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Bigger democracy in a smaller nation – Iceland can teach us all

Iceland’s 319,000 people will get another chance to reject a plan devised by 3 governments which would see them repay around €4bn to the UK and Dutch exchequers over the next 2 generations. The mere fact that they will be … Continue reading

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